Test and Tag Services for Melbourne

At Australian Compliance Test and Tag, our experts provide a wide range of specialist test and tag services that ensures your business is fully compliant with health & safety and other regulatory requirements. From testing and tagging to electrical audits, we’ve got all of your electrical safety needs covered.

Electrical audits

At Australian Compliance Test and Tag, we’re fully qualified to inspect and report on all electrical appliances at your place of work. Whether you’re due for a routine inspection or you are a new client looking for the best deal possible.

  Our electrical audits are carried out over varying time scales, ranging from 

  • Quarterly
  • Six monthly
  • Yearly
  • Every two years
  • Every five years
The time will depend on your property and appliances within it. A full, detailed report of all tests carried out is supplied upon completion.

Testing and tagging

All portable electrical equipment, including all office equipment, tools, power boards, flexible cords, need to be tested regularly for wear and tear and mechanical damage. They also need to be tested periodically for earth continuity and insulation resistance. At Australian Compliance Test and Tag, our trained test operators will thoroughly inspect and test all of your appliances to ensure they remain functional and safe for use. Testing is done quickly with minimal disruption to yourself and your business, at a time that is convenient to you.

Minor electrical repairs

If we find faulty or broken equipment during our audit or electrical testing, our skilled technicians can carry out minor repairs to ensure that your appliances meet the required current legal safety standards. All work is carried out quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your business operations. All appliances will be retested following a repair, giving you complete peace of mind that your business complies with all relevant regulations.
australian compliance test and tag electrical equipments

To arrange an electrical audit, inspection or testing, call us now on 1300 660 247

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